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  • Hello from Central Virginia

    Hi all, I've been beekeeping since around 2014. I hope this forum will be a good fit for me since I don't put any sort of medicine on my bees, or feed any additives. I do occasionally feed sugar in winter, though I haven't done so for the past 2 years. My numbers are currently way down though since i had some bear troubles a couple years ago. I am currently in the process of moving my bees to a new roofed location to which I've fixed an electric fence. I'm still in the process of moving though, which is a little difficult since I'm also having some trouble with cross-comb since i have gone foundationless I discovered after the fact that you need to wire up each frame if you are going foundationless. Currently trying to fix that. I've also been experimenting with some custom equipment I've made over the years including something I'm calling a upper-landingboard-slatted-rack and a hive melter jig I made for a hot air gun. I'm looking forward to sharing about my bees and my findings with everyone here in the coming months.

    Best health,

    p.s. i own Michael Bush's book, and it has been a heavy influence on how i keep my bees.

    ...also, in case you are wondering, the name is just because i consider myself "undead": time wears people down at different rates i guess, and sometimes i am surprised i can get out of bed at all, let alone lift a 10-deep
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