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Hello from mid Hudson Valley in new York

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  • Hello from mid Hudson Valley in new York

    Hi Friends, I'm a third year beekeeper and I've been posting and following in the Facebook version of this group but do want to distance myself from social media a little more. And beyond that...

    I would like to say that I'm a committed treatment free beekeeper but that I'm also committed to respecting all different forms of beekeeping that fit under the treatment-free umbrella. Whether you are langstroth or top bar, feeder or non-feeder, package buyer or swarm catcher, etc... i want to have a supportive and encouraging attitude towards your approaches.

    I See too many "micro" groups who go on the attack against other beekeepers whose approach doesn't match their philosophy. Especially when it's a new beekeeper that's showing up with an enthusiastic attitude and leaves feeling jaded, this behavior is detrimental to a group of beekeepers (we, the treatment free) who are often vilified by the mainstream beekeepers to the extent that not treating is technically a felony in some states of the USA now. We need to be unified and not attack each other.
    That's not to say i may not offer a gentle suggestion. Heck, i even enjoy a lively debate with a bit of passion in it. But if a scathing attack against your methods is what you seek from me, i intend to leave you sorely disappointed.

    I hope we're on the same page and i look forward to sharing!