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  • Greetings

    Hello everybody, brand new to the forum here. Heard about it from the podcast. I'm planning to get started beekeeping this year. I've been doing a lot of reading/research lately and I'm looking forward to it. I live in Iowa and our winters can be brutal. I want to raise bees treatment free and overwinter them here, not transport them anywhere else.
    Here's my current plan, I'm trying to decide if it would be smart to start with two hives in case something happens to one I would have another to that could hopefully help out.
    • 1x (maybe 2x) Layens Horizontal Hives (Insulated 20 frame version from
    • 1x (maybe 2x) Russian bee nucs from Manley Bigalk of Golden Ridge Honey Farm
    Plan currently is to figure out the best method of converting the nuc frames to fit on the Layens frames as soon as I get them home.
    I'd welcome any thoughts or feedback on this plan.