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Hi, from the North of Scotland

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  • Hi, from the North of Scotland

    Hi, I'm Peter, still in my first twelve months of beekeeping and in the middle of my first winter with two BS National (UK) hives.
    I quickly worked out that treatment-free beekeeping and working as far as possible using natural methods, was likely to have the best results for the bees and for me. I joined and was quickly shouted out of the biggest, UK-based, beekeeping forum because the majority view appeared to be that anyone with even a leaning towards natural beekeeping was out of their mind or reckless or both.
    It seems that science, the natural habits of bees and commonsense, all point in the direction of treatment-free beekeeping, and it's difficult to see how some of the more experience, traditional beekeepers in the UK are so hostile (literally) to the concept of not treating their bees. I'm sure that this is going to be a more friendly and constructive forum for the discussion of this interesting subject.

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    Hang in there. There are many of us in the world. And we're even in the majority in some areas.
    100% Treatment-Free, 16 years.
    Medford, Oregon, USA