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    Hi all!

    first i’d like to thank Solomon for making this possible! It is amazing to hear and read that across the world people are showing that we can keep bees in a way that is less harmful for them.

    last year I started with a bio dynamic bee keeping class hosted by biologist Albert Muller. He is keeping bees treatment free for a lot of years. Last year i also got my first swarm. Black bees, not the best for a beginner, but you cannot be picky when they are given to you.

    i had given them a “BD approved” home made from old simplex (the Dutch standard) boxes that were attached to each other so that the long frames we use fit. I believe our frames are dadant turned 90deg. Like in a layens hive.

    Over the past few weeks i have been building a new hive with my, nearly three y/o, son. He is of great help 😉
    apart from a new hive i also need a new swarm as the swarm of last year sadly died. I think I didn’t give them enough ventilation.

    now, let me discover how to post pics to this as with pics everything is better. Do i need to host them 3rd party or can they be uploaded to the forum?
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    Trying to add some pictures to this:

    The old Simplex hive converted to fit BD frames. On top a newly made honey chamber that I used for feeding the swarm.

    Feeding time. Suger water made from camomile tea with a little bit of salt and apple cider vinegar added.


    A frame of foundation less comb.

    After I was done with the circular saw, my son had to saw as well. A jigsaw without a blade works perfectly

    The bee box, based on the Einraumbeute design. (close to the layens and golden hive, I believe)

    No plastics! a piece of cotton drenched in bees wax serves as closing layer. because of the wax, the bees won't destruct it.

    Virgin comb and fanning!


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      Great pictures! Thanks for sharing

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    Hey, Great to see some one from Belgium. Waregem, I have been there last year. If only we would have known from each others existence then. What kind of bees are you keeping?


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      I have "mongrels" mostly. dropped from 13 to 3 hives over the winter. The survivors are 1 swarm, probably Buckfast-blood in them and 2 F1 AMM's, the original queen swarmed (I caught her swarm and gave it a home) but she died during winter.