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  • Hello from North Central Saskatchewan

    Hello, I have been spending the last few months learning all I can about bees because I had a swarm set up shop in the wall of one of our old out buildings last July. This particular spot has been the preferred site for bees on and off for many years. The bees seem to like that wall and some years they disappear so I am assuming they winter killed, but within the next summer or two another swarm takes over the spot.

    I have mostly just enjoyed them from afar but this year I decided to try my hand at raising bees so I insulated the walls on the outside with rigid styrofoam. So far, even after a week of -32C, if I press my ear against the wall I can sometimes hear a faint gentle hum. I fully expect them to die, but I am hoping that because they moved into an existing hive they might have been able to build up enough stores for the winter.

    It was nice to stumble upon this site during my research as I am interested in the treatment free beekeeping approach to my hive. Either way, if these bees live or die, I am hooked and will be raising bees.


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    Hi there! I’m also in the North in Montana. Hopefully your bees were able to build up their winter stores in time. If not, sounds like you have some great opportunities for catching more next year. Having established comb for next year’s swarms is the deal maker!
    Kalispell, Montana Zone 4a
    Certified Master Beekeeper