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Starting Out TF in SE WI

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  • Starting Out TF in SE WI

    Hello from Waukesha County. New guy expecting my first two hives from a local supplier here in the next week or so. I came to beekeeping through research on permaculture and plantings for wildlife. That rabbit hole led me to pollinators, and ultimately to the complex world of the honey bee. Fascinated, I've spent the last 2.5 years reading books, forums, websites, and sales literature, plus listening to various podcasts. I learned early on that the conventional way of keeping bees seemed counter-intuitive and instinctually incorrect to me. The Warre' priciples seem to make the most sense to me, so I am biased in that direction. However, experiential support and information is very hard to come by, and most folks I ask either know nothing about it or tell me I'm a fool doomed to fail for even considering anything other than conventional methods.

    So after much consideration, I decided to make my first two hives using Langstroth medium hive bodies in rough-sawn cedar, utilzing a Warre' quilt box & roof. My bees will come on medium Langstroth frames with 4.9mm wax foundation. I plan on being foundationless, so I hope to transition them into my hive by checkerboarding the existing frames between my foundationless frames. I care little for how much honey is made, and plan on crushing and straining what I do take. I also plan on nadiring, as I believe that fresh comb is beneficial to hive health.

    Eventually, I hope to expand and transition into Warre' hives. But I cannot deny the flexibility of Langstroth frames, especially when it comes to making nucleus hives and queen rearing. I hope to become proficient in both.

    All that being said, It's all theory for me for now! I'm excited to learn more and share my failures and successes here.

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      Welcome Tuhlmann
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