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"Fort Knox" Project - selecting bees and guarantees to beekeepers

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  • "Fort Knox" Project - selecting bees and guarantees to beekeepers

    I'm Bartek from Poland/Europe. I'm TF beekeeper for some years now.
    I'm a member of Polish Bee Brotherhood group:

    I would like to introduce You our system of selection and guarantees for beekeepers. We have called it Project "Fort Knox" . Maybe somebody would find it interesting.
    Just recently we have published the webpage of the Project. (this is actually not the project of "Bee Brotherhood" group, but an independent small Project made by amateurs)

    "Fort Knox" is the system of selection and guarantees that no beekeeper who wants to keep bees off treatments and wants to cooperate with others is left without bees. We have been practicing it for 4 years in Poland and so far it has proved to work fine, even though we have big losses here while not treating...

    If You would want to know some of the details please visit "Fort Knox" webpage, where You can read about some rules, our experiences and history of our cooperation:

    Have fun beekeeping!

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    Thanks Bartek, looks like a great way to network with other TF beeks.
    Neill Sayers
    Herbhome Farm
    Arkansas Ozarks, USA
    Zone 7a


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      Welcome Bartek!

      I'm going to read all about Your FortKnox, and I hope to convince some Belgian beekeepers to set up something similar!
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