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    I am in Manhattan Beach CA, 43 colonies (6 nucs currently, from late Fall swarms) TF since becoming a beek 10 years ago in Los Angeles with the old "BackwardsBeekeepers" group and KIrk Anderson (big fan of Charles Martin Simon) that taught us getting bees via swarms and cutouts. All foundationless, ULBN, partially AHB hybrid stock. I teach beekeeping via cutouts, sell honey, make presentations, do structural cutouts and swarms, keep client hives, sell Q-rite nucs---most of my living through bees. We get swarms all year, drones all year, subject to some severe droughts last few years. The city is the best place due to irrigated gardens. We have few package/breeder bee keepers, that I know of.

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    Welcome Genobird!
    Neill Sayers
    Herbhome Farm
    Arkansas Ozarks, USA
    Zone 7a