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    Hi, I'm Joseph, 36, from Cowpens SC. I became interested in bee keeping about 4 years ago when visiting my wife's grandfather in Florida. He had 40 hives and sold lots of his honey. I helped him with a harvest that year and was hooked but didn't know how to get started myself. My father had talked about having bees when he was younger so I started talking about it with him and guess I convinced him to get into it again. The next year he bought 2 packages and did one cut out. I helped with installing and inspections and anything that was going on with them. (He uses treatments.) I got books from the library and began watching YouTube videos and of course came across a certain podcast. Of all the research I have done, I have felt that the bees need to take care of themselves and that they know what they need to do. I wanted to keep bees in as much of a natural way as possible. Last winter I built 5 bait hives in an attempt to catch swarms. They caught a bunch of ants! But thanks to being on the swarm call list I was able to obtain two colonies. One is in a long lang I built, the other is in a partially collapsed steel drum that was partially buried in the ground. We dug it up and moved it because the apartment complex wanted it gone. Both seem to be doing well so far. I plan to do a "cut out" with the steel drum if they make it though the winter, and put them in a long lang. Also plan to split my current LL.

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    Welcome Joseph,
    Sounds like you have a good start. Do think it's likely either of your swarms are ferals? I'll be looking forward to hearing of your adventures.

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      My barrel bees could be feral but don't know for sure. I don't think they had been there long before we moved them.
      The LL was a swarm I witnessed from my dad's hive that he let me capture. He was going to give me a split but when it swarmed, he said take it. I know he thinks it's hopeless not to treat but he's not giving me to hard of a time about it. Hoping I can prove something to him.


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        Welcome to the forums!


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          So... The barrel bees didn't make it. Not sure if it was a lack of insulation and the cold got them, or the 2 mice I found in the barrel when I cut it apart, or it might have been a possum. I stuffed straw in the end of the barrel to give a little insulation and I could tell that something had pushed it's way through. I've seen a possum roaming around. In any case, there was zero brood and zero bees when I cut it apart.


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            So sad to read this. Don't give up, you'll end up with healthy untreated bees in the long run!
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