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  • Distillery location?

    So, I just got a call about honeybees at a local distillery (just outside of Louisville, KY). I went out thinking I may get a late swarm and viewed it as a learning experience. However, when I got there it was clearly not a swarm, it was ton of foragers feeding on the sugar spilled. We looked all over the property to see if there was a colony on the premises but couldn't find one, and it was impossible to do any beelining since there is a pretty busy road in the way. They will be thoroughly spraying the area tonight (with water), but they obviously cannot typically wait on unloading the trucks of sugar. Any recommendations for the distillery? Also, would this be a good place to set up swarm traps in the spring if they give permission?

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    As for any advice, I'm guessing a week after asking the question is too late. -> spill sugar , especially this time of year, clean it up ASAP! if not you'll get all sorts : Wasps, ants, bees, ...

    About putting a swarm trap there: If there's bees that find the sugar, there'll be bees that find your trap. I hope they'll allow it! (if not talk to the neighbours ;-) )
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