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    As the southern hemisphere season winds up and we head into autumn, I am thinking about spring. I want to go foundationless, as I think having nice, clean comb may have a strong influence on bee health. As a newbie I was quite pleased I had no swarming by manipulating frames and adding undrawn frames into and around the brood nest. I did try some foundationless frames which was all drawn out as drone comb. what is the best way to add foundationless frames, in spring, to the brood nest? And will they draw out as much drone comb as they want then make worker comb? I got a bit freaked out in spring by how much drone comb was being made and shifted a lot of it up into the honey supers. I have carniolans in the school hives and a mix of carniolan and italian queens at home.

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    its been my experience that when its swarm season and they are drawing out comb ,they will make a lot of drone comb.i have put them on small foundation and they still will draw out drone comb on top of it ,the heart wants what the heart wants.that's where management comes in you have a vision,and the bees have a vision,and they don't always agree...keep cutting or moving to honey supers and soon they stop making it.its a seasonal thing...i replace it by cutting the foundation about 2" from the top of the frame then see what is drawn out ,even drone comb makes a good starter doesn't seem to matter what size they start with its the consensus the hive comes up with that gets drawn out.....tommyboy


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      I might experiment then with my most productive hive. I won't mind flooding the area with drones from this hive.