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Are there any members who do removals for a living?

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  • Are there any members who do removals for a living?

    Let's get it started, wanna get rid of empty channels.

    I've personally never done a removal, though I did try a trap out, it failed, and I nearly burned down the guy's shop it was in. Years ago.
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    I haven't done a cut-out (yet), but two of my current hives come from trap-outs.

    Not doing it for a living though and I didn't ask for any money since it was my first time trying my hand at it.

    Both trap-outs worked out ok, and in one the owner of the tree that the bees were in spotted the queen absconding, I caught her put her in a hive with what little bees she had left, (about 2 tennis bals big) put a box of bees (that were queenless and had no brood) underneath to combine them. There was a newspaper inbetween the two boxes so the queen couldn't get out as only the bottom box had an exit. She decided to abscond that hive and took the bees in there with her!

    If you want to know how I did the trap-out I talk about it on my blog (see link)
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      Do bees as hobby and do them as a pest tech saving as many as we can