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Small Cell Proven to be Effective in Scientific Study

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  • Small Cell Proven to be Effective in Scientific Study

    I don't know how I missed this earlier, but I have been saying for years that none of the small cell studies really prove anything because they don't test long term survival.

    Well, I was wrong, because there was one:

    They took 36 colonies, gave them four comb types, and allowed them to run for two years (still not long enough, in my humble opinion). At the end of two years, there were four colonies remaining, all small cell.

    Is there a study that contradicts this? If I had enough colonies, I would love to replicate this. I'd have to put 3/4 of them on other cell sizes, or I could just do half and half, half small cell, half 5.4 or something, but still a lot of work to get 16 colonies established on 5.4. I'm sure I could think of ways to streamline, perhaps starting all 36 on drawn comb.

    Lot of work. Anyway, a truly valid study for me would be one that started with established TF stock, not dumb puppy mill packages. The study would go for an extended period of time, and losses would be replaced to as great a degree as possible with splits from the available groups. You could do mite counts if you wanted, but they would not be the point of the study. The point would be to see how many losses happened and would need to be replaced. The goal would be to finish with 36 colonies after five years or so, that way everything has the chance to level out and adapt and survive or die.

    What this study says is that small cell works. What other studies say is that whatever way it works, it is not by reducing the mite count, NOT that it doesn't work because it doesn't reduce mites.
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    Sure wish I could read the full study!
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