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Mann Lake PF-120 Starter Strips and Pieces

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  • Mann Lake PF-120 Starter Strips and Pieces

    Some of you may know of Robyn Underwood's research project on conventional vs. treatment. For her project, she used plastic foundation for the hives. Plastic small cell is not available, so she cut up a bunch of PF-120s (small cell) to use the foundation out of them. I have a box of the remainders.

    It's a substantial box, about a foot and a half cubed. Contains many PF-120 topbars each having about 3/4" of foundation on them and some end bars, each having about 1" of foundation on them. Enough to make hundreds of starter strips with. The endbars and topbars are still attached. You will need to cut them yourself.

    I had intended to do such myself, but have been mired down in other projects and work.

    I paid $100 to get it shipped here, you send me $100, I send you the box, even Steven.
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