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    I installed a package with a marked queen about a month ago. I think they are building up slow, but, without experience, I don’t really know. I still have 5 empty frames in a 10 frame langstroth. Last night I inspected the hive. I could not find my marked queen, which does not mean she is not there, but I did find a single queen cell. If I do still have my queen, what does a single cell mean? If I don’t have my queen, shouldn’t there be more queen cells? Last night’s inspection was a little rushed, so I plan to do a better inspection today, Opinions?

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    A package is made up out of bees from different origin. They might not like the queen that is sent with the package and supersede her as soon as they get the chance. That could be what is going on. But this is pure speculation on my part. To be sure or have a better idea at least you should ask around for a more experienced BK to join in on your inspection so he/she can have a look at what's what.
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      I did release her on the fifth day. Maybe they weren’t ready for her.

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    Always try to take pictures of what you are seeing so we can assess better for you. I’ve had people tell me over the phone they have a queen cell. But when I arrive i find everything from a queen cup (unused, preparation only) to emergency cells (replacing) to swarm cells . And then whether the cell is capped or not has its own set of actions one way or the other.
    My personal experience with locals is that packages very frequently supersede their queen with her eggs. But this year due to heavy rains I also saw an abnormally high amount of young colonies swarm even when they had room. So yours could have been either way.
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