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How to become a beekeeper.

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  • How to become a beekeeper.

    Hello, I'm from Belgium and the beekeeping world is trying to organise itself here. Long story short we as beekeepers want to have one voice to talk to the authorities. ( Now there are tons of associations all wanting to have their say and all looking at Europe for money, resulting in smaller pieces of the cake divided amongst all wanting parties ).

    I'm making this topic here since I have applied to be a member of this new overarching association. Specifically I've applied to help build out an education program. I'm hoping to get some guidelines up that will give the Belgian Beekeeper Apprentice a solid education (and certificate?) enabling him/her to keep bees, a course that is equal for all beekeepers in Belgium. Now each association has it's own program.

    To be as inclusive as possible I would like for you to share your ideas: What is an absolute necessity to include in a beginners beekeeping class?

    So far we have these topics:
    • What's in a beehive. (workers/drones/queen/comb with in depth look at each topic)
    • What does a year look like for bees in Belgium
    • What equipment does a beekeeper have at his disposal
    • different hives
    • the inner climate of a beehive
    • keeping bees and the laws in Belgium
    • some first hand practical beekeeping - how to approach the hive, how to inspect it
    • How far do bees fly in correlation with what time of year it is + what plants to have in the area to help your bees at that time

    If you would like to know more about the content, please feel free to ask. But I'm actually looking for input to optimise this list.

    Keep in mind this overarching association will not support a 'treatment free' policy from the get-go. All opinions are to be represented, but I'm in favour of postponing these views towards a later course.

    Thanks for any help you can give!
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