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  • Cut out for a new beekeeper?

    Should I, as a novice beekeeper, chance moving a hive of bees from a wall?
    I have these bees that have made a home last summer in the wall of a shed. There have been bees in that wall on and off for as long as I can remember. Sometimes they survive the winter and sometimes not, but after a summer or two another swarms moves in. So far this winter they are still alive and if they don't die this spring I would like to move them to a hive. I wonder if maybe it would be better if I just left them be and set up a swarm trap hoping they would swarm instead of trying to move them.

    If they do die, could I use their comb to install in a swarm trap, or would I just be wrecking a prime spot for bees to swarm to?

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    I would say leave them be and prepare to catch swarms. If they're not causing any problems, the best thing to do is leave them where they're at. If they're a good feral colony I wouldn't want to risk killing or losing the queen. A better option would be to set up swarm traps so this colony can provide you a regular good source of bees for years to come. Plus you'd be maintaining some solid habitat for bees in the near future.
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      Thank you for answering, How far away from the original colony should I set a trap?

      I was hesitant to do a cut out after listening to many of your podcasts on swarm catching and how valuable a good swarm site could be. I guess building swarm traps will be my winter project. Besides, I was not looking forward to doing a cut out as a novice.


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        I did exactly that when I started. If I had other choices I would not.
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