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A surprise visit by the state bee inspector

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  • A surprise visit by the state bee inspector

    I had a surprise visit yesterday from the state bee inspector and he wanted to inspect my bees. I've had bees for almost 12 years and although I register my hives each year, never knew the state would inspect them. He had the proper identification and I was glad to get the opinion of an expert so I was all in favor of the inspection. I asked if our area was experiencing some kind of problem and he answered, "No, I was just in the area and wanted to stop by."

    He asked a few questions as we were heading to the bee hives and then let the truth slip. I hadn't told him I was "treatment free" and as we reached the hives he said, "they tell me you don't treat your bees?" I caught it but didn't say anything about the "they told me" but just answered the question and added, "I give them a place to live but other than that, I let them do just like the Good Lord meant for them to do, pollinate and make honey."

    Anyway, long story short, he couldn't believe my bees were in such good shape. He actually said more than once, "you've got the best bee hives I checked this summer. There is no reason for you to treat them any different than what you're already doing. They're in great shape." So I was glad to hear that and get that opinion from the state expert. Now I'm waiting for one of my fellow beekeeper "friends" to call and ask how my bees are doing. That will be the bastard who turned me in to the state! (using logic from The Godfather movie).

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    Well, 'the bastard' is going to be in for a surprise (provided he's not lurking here) when he learns your bees are doing better than most!
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