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Cold Snap Management.

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  • Cold Snap Management.

    We are expecting lows in the 20s for a week. I’ve never had bees make it through the winter. They are alive yet. Do I have to help them in any way during these extra cold days?

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    Well, the less you do the better. Just make sure the boxes you have are providing enough insulation year round.

    In my opinion you want bees adapted to your own local environment; This means they'll need to deal with whatever weather is there without your help....
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      Thank you.

      I was just concerned because I had moved the bottom box full of brood and honey to the top and put a queen excluder between that and a box of brood with the queen in it. We had a couple weeks with temps above 50 and at most 80s. I thought it was late enough to switch it up so I could get the deep frame box to the top and move it out eventually off the hive. I ended up throwing a blanket over the hive when the nights dipped into the 20s. I'll know if everything comes through ok after this week. Hope so.

      The only winterizing I did this past winter was put up a wind barrier to the north of the hives. I had to remove the wind barrier last is a seedling table.