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Migrating from 10 Frame Deeps to 8 Frame Mediums

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  • Migrating from 10 Frame Deeps to 8 Frame Mediums

    So, when I received a packaged nuc last spring it came in deep frames. I put them in a 10 frame deep box. It was the only deep box I had. It is WAY too heavy for me to manage, so I added 8 frame mediums on top throughout the year.

    But, this year I hoped to get rid of the 10 frame deep box, hoping the bees would move into the medium boxes over winter and I could just remove the bottom, empty 10 frame deep box and transform the hive into an 8 frame medium hive. However, when it was finally nice enough to inspect the hive, the queen was already laying and had laid eggs in both boxes with comb.

    So, my initial move was to make sure she was in the 8 frame and move the larve/honey 8 frame medium to the bottom, put an empty 8 frame medium on top of that and then a queen excluder on that. Then I put the 10 frame on the top of the excluder and plugged the overhanging gap. When all the bees hatch, I plan on pulling that 10 frame and moving things to 8 frame medium boxes. I pulled one deep frame of honey and already cut it down to put it in a medium frame.

    I was wondering if that rotation was a bad move and if I should put it back like it was. It's been 2 days. If so, I would ask for other ideas on how to get rid of that deep 10 frame box.

    Second, my only concern was that one 8 frame medium was pretty full when I made the switch and the other 8 frame medium had no build comb yet and if that would cause distress to my queen, if she had to wait for the workers to build comb. I only have foundation less frames.

    Thank you,

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    This is how I would do it.
    1) on a good day open up the hive.
    2) Remove the stack from the bottom board (clean the bottom board if needed)
    3) put all mediums (from the stack) on top of each other on the bottom board.
    4) shake all the bees from the deep into the new hive
    5) put a queen excluder on top of all mediums

    Then if there is brood inside the deep:
    6) put another box - without frames - on the queen excluder (this is to prevent them to start using the deep as a honey super)
    7) Put the deep on top of that to give the brood time to hatch and move down.

    If there is no brood in the deep I'd just discard it - make sure there are enough stores in the medium boxes, if not you might need to feed!
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      Thank you!! I appreciate the time you took to reply.