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Controlling Mosquitoes

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  • Controlling Mosquitoes

    Looking for possible ways to safely & effectively control mosquitoes on my property in proximity to the apiary. Is there a way?

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    Well, if you want MORE mosquitoes, just spray for mosquitoes. That will kill all the dragonflies and other mosquito predators and leave the others (swallows, bats etc.) without food so they move on to somewhere else.. If you want LESS mosquitoes then you need to reduce the places they can breed. Standing water is where they breed. You'd e surprised how many old tires, buckets, etc. are full of water, not to mention other places that have water in them on purpose. The Bt dunks can help with mosquitoes as well when you can't drain something for other reasons.
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      I use a device run by propane tanks called the Mosquito Magnet. You can find it in hardware stores or amazon. It was developed by the Army for island bases. The propane produced CO2 which attracts them and they sucked into a fan and trap powered by the propane. It reduces the mosquitos in a 1/2 to 1 acre area by a huge percent. I love mine, good luck!
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