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Feeding bees sugar

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  • Feeding bees sugar

    British Bee Journal

    January-December, 1910. d.

    A Smart Act. — Mr. N. K. Morrison, writing from California, says: "Glucose comes here by the car-load from Chicago — a distance of 2,500 miles. Californians send their splendid honey east, and, after paying the freight both ways, get the price of glucose for their honey. And yet they say the people here are smart." It looks like a silly act if they really exchange splendid honey for such deleterious trash. At home some of our people buy the most inferior foreign mixtures at the price of good home-produced honey of the best and purest. Silly !
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    Does anyone have any first hand experience allowing their bees to feed on maple sap early in the season before bud break? I’ve read all I can on beesource and other websites and there are a lot of conflicting thoughts. I’m interested in a response from anyone who has done it with positive or negative results.


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      I know that was written by someone from 1910, but I live near a C&H facility in Crockett, CA and they get their sugar from Hawaii.


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        Just a little FYI to throw on this thread for any newcomers that didn’t know this yet: Because of the chemical carbon chains comprising honey, gram for gram honey is sweeter than sugar. Now you’ve learned something new!
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