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2019 Beekeeping resolutions

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  • 2019 Beekeeping resolutions

    As we have covered the winter losses, it's time to look ahead. What are you hoping to accomplish before next winter?

    For me it's breeding bees. It's not full spring here yet so I'm a bit carefull to say I'll have 3 hives to work with this year.

    I'm hoping to make splits from all of them. I've got it in my mind to wait untill they are ready to swarm and then move the frames with queencells on them into nucs.

    My end goal is 15 hives. This might be aiming too high with splits alone, but I'm also hoping to catch a few swarms. And besides, you need to aim high!

    I've got it in my head that I want 3 full hives and 2 nucs per apiary, not more. The nucs are there for back-up after winter and I don't count them in my goal of 15. If I have more than 15 colonies to work with after winter, then I'm going to sell bees. (Or maybe give them away...)

    As it stands now I only have 2 apiaries, so I could expand to 6 hives (+ 4 nucs.) This means I'm going to need to find 3 more locations to keep my bees. I want those locations to be about 5km apart from eachother. So I have some scouting to do; Do I want the locations in grid-from (I want my drones around me), in a line (close to the highway for easy and fast travel times) or in a more circular shape (same as grid). I might go for the hexagon! As the bees do that too.

    I'm hoping to report back after going into winter with how close I got to 15 hives.

    So how about you guys? Have you set goals?
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    i have 5.. 8 frames coming out of winter strong my goal is to go into next winter with doesn't have to be 25 , but at least 15,i want about 10.. 5 frame nucs to sell in the spring.lots of rain so far ,hoping to go through them this weekend...tommyboy


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      I intend to learn about grafting in queen rearing. In the past i've used OTS and walkaway splits. I've found that the queens I reared are superior to the purchased ones I had. I also intend to get more serious with swarm traps.
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