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Queen rearing question. How early?

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  • GalliaBees
    Are your drones flying or just hanging out in the hive? Will it get cold enough the bees stop flying? If you see drones coming in and out of your hives, they will be looking to mate.

    Why are splits iffy? If the hives are naturally swarming and surviving, they will survive a split. Just be sure to manage the space. Too much space after a split and the bees can not guard it all. When they can't guard it all is when you start having SHB problems.


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  • kulamauiman
    started a topic Queen rearing question. How early?

    Queen rearing question. How early?

    I was watching Solomon’s video about expansion model beekeeping. And see that being able to split and make queens will be important. Splits here in SHB country is iffy. Figure make queens even if using queen cells to start split it will be 10 days ahead of a walk away split. So in view of that I have one hive that is going gangbusters lots of activity, lots of bees, plenty pollen going in. I see drone brood and adult drones. Still December but I live in a mild winter area. Still shorts and t- shirt weather for me (probably boiling for a MN native). Question I have is when would I know that it is going to have the right conditions to have enough drones to mate with any queens that are produced?