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  • Varroa Survivors Coloss Survey

    If you recall, Arrigo Moro and Tjeer Blacquiere are two TF beekeepers and scientists who shared their extensive work on the Gotland bees (mite resistant survivors for over 10 years) at Apimondia—Presentations I shared with you on this page this Fall. They were perplexed by the repeated claim by mainstream science that there were only “6 Documented geographic sites of Resistant Western bees” (I.e. Arnot Forest Bees). So they worked with the European Coloss group to add a special treatment free registration page linked here. This is for both feral and managed colonies looking for details about survivor data. It is anonymous and will help build a database for these scientists, and we citizens, to reference in studies and conversation about bee science. They thank you in advance for your participation!
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