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List of 751 species of mites that live on bees.

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  • List of 751 species of mites that live on bees.

    Here is the list I have so far compiled of mites that live on bees and some links to see pictures of many of them and other lists online.

    How important are all of these other mites to the ecology of the hive? What niches do they fill in that ecology? How many of them die when you treat for mites?
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    I’ve often wondered if some mites feed on other mites. My hive is on an Eco-Floor (inspired by Phil Chandler). My eco-Floor is two chimney blocks side by side for a footprint approximately the size of my ten frame deep Langstroth and two blocks high. The eco-floor is filled with various amounts of tree stump debit, rotten wood, composted wood chips and composted oak leaves from my oak trees. Although some little critters can find their way into the hive, the bees have virtually no access through the screened bottom board. I have decided to remove the screen as soon as another pair of hands shows up here so my bees will have complete access. #Eco-Floor